Random Notes About This Week

- Lost: Love that Desmond named his kid Charlie. That kid Faraday (Maggie Gyllenhaal's fiance from Secretary, aka the the twitchiest actor EVER) is really starting to get on my nerves. I get it, brainy people are very nervous and stutter a lot but do you see how infuriating it is to watch this for... Continue Reading →


All About the Andersens

What the hell is this show? Who would produce a television program based on the comic stylings of Anthony Andersen? Is this for real? I'm absolutely not sitting through an entire episode, but what I gather is that Anthony lives at home with his parents and his young son. There is also a brother or... Continue Reading →

Bones 1:07 “The Man on Death Row”

Howard Epps- serial killer: I owe you thanks too. [Reaches for Brennan's hand. She slams it down on the table, breaking his wrist] Bones: You going to arrest me for assault? Boothe: From what I saw, purely self-defense. [They walk away from Epps.] Bones: Maybe I shouldn't carry a gun. Boothe: Hell, you can have... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mayim Bialik

Courtesy of the AV Club. I love you, AV Club, this is awesome... Leonard Pierce January 28, 2009 Mayim Bialik established herself in the public consciousness at the tender age of 15, when she landed the lead role in the 1990 sitcom Blossom. Initially catching its audience because of a favorable time slot, Blossom became... Continue Reading →

Rita Does Kinda Rock

Sitcoms on cable networks are one of my favorite and least favorite developments of the past few years. Shows like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on FX and though, have set the bar for cable sitcoms, very high. But then, shows like "10 Items or Less" drop my expectations to close to nothing. "My Boys"... Continue Reading →

Oh Crap

I just realized I've missed like 9 episodes of Fringe. That's not a good sign for a show right? I COMPLETELY forgot about it... Oh, PACEY. I'm so sorry. I thought my deep, abiding love for you would carry me through and it has failed me. [Hangs head in shame]. Watch Fringe. I probably won't.... Continue Reading →

Yes, Monday Night, YES

I'd been frothing at the bit for Inside the Actors Studio with Conan O'Brien since I caught wind that it was being filmed last November. Finally, finally, it aired last night on Bravo and two hours of Conan time did not disappoint. Comedians are sometimes very rough to watch in an interview, especially in an... Continue Reading →

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