Prayers for Bobby


This movie made me cry buckets and I’m not embarrassed to say it. Except when I tried to explain why at brunch this morning, my friends looked like they just did not get it. I mean, if you can’t talk about how much you love gay people at BRUNCH, when can you? Really.

Seriously, the part when she walks up to the kid at the parade and hugs him and the kid cries a little? I mean, why don’t you just send Old Yeller limping through my living room? I was a mess. Prayers for Bobby

– Judi


I haven’t cried this hard since Rudy Rudiger took the field in his final football game at Notre Dame as the sold out crowd (parents included) chanted his name in unison. And, like Judi, I am not ashamed. . .well maybe a little. I’ve got to give it to Lifetime on this one, although it did feature AIDS (a made for TV movie essential), it did so tastefully, and briefly. No one got thrown down a flight of stairs, and there were no unwanted pregnancies. 

The fact that Bobby’s suicide happened at the exact middle point of the movie (like, right ON the hour) makes me happy. It means they’re still sticking to a formula. Apart from Bobby’s frequent appearance in a Members Only jacket, my favorite feature of the film (can we call it a film, I cried, so I think so) was the brother. Oh my god, when he ran onto the football field after receiving the news, threw his football helmet down on the ground and screamed into the air, oh my god, pieces, I fell to pieces. And Sigourney’s speech, I smell an Emmy nom! I could have done without his overly accepting and somehow Jewish cousin and why were his boyfriend’s parents younger than me?



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