2.5 Men

Apart from my mother, I can’t name one fan of Two and a Half Men. Probably because it’s terrible. However, come Emmy time, this show rarely goes unnoticed. I don’t get it. Am I to believe that women are attracted to the Charlie Sheen character? He wears calf-length socks with slip on shoes and Tiki inspired shirts for Christ’s sakes. Is he a bowler? I don’t understand. In tonight’s rerun, he had to choose between his girlfriend (Who wore business suits, seemed successful and kept an issue of Modern Bride in the drawer) and his housekeeper–the overweight but lovable wisecracking Conchata Ferrell who has been in every bad television show at least once–he chooses neither and in a hilarious episode ending twist, he attends a sex addicts anonymous meeting.

Part of me things this show might have begun as a reality series about he and Denise Richards marriage, but since she was always too busy chasing shitty dogs around, getting waxed and crying between curse words it just featured Charlie and his many extra-marital affairs and soon evolved into a half hour situation comedy.

I had higher hopes for Duckie. Although, I guess his show lasted longer than Blane’s. Who you gonna pick now Andie?




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