First Thoughts

Whenever my TiVo tapes Wings, it catches the end credits for Becker. Begging the question, who is getting up at 6 in the morning and watching Becker? Is there someone out there, other than Ted Danson, who’s itching to spend the first minutes of morning with a grumpy bastard who is just a reminder that Sam Malone is no longer front and center on the TV Guide?

And yes, to answer your question, if I was a morning person I would totally watch Wings fresh at 6:30 am as the USA Gods intended.

It just occurred to me that someone might be TiVoing Becker and watching it later. Someone might have a whole collection of Becker episodes saved on their TiVo, gleefully waiting for a free weekend day when they can watch the whole kit and kaboodle. I don’t know which scenario is worse. Becker.

– Judi


Seriously, Becker? Did ANYONE watch that? I’ll admit, I’ve seen it a time or two. But I couldn’t tell you a single plot line, other character’s name or set detail. I’m too focused on his melon. Is that a flat top toupee? Plugs? Ted Danson, just take your Cheers royalties and stay at home. Your guest spots on Curb Your Enthusiasm provide my screen with more than plenty of your winning personality.



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