Yes, Monday Night, YES


I’d been frothing at the bit for Inside the Actors Studio with Conan O’Brien since I caught wind that it was being filmed last November. Finally, finally, it aired last night on Bravo and two hours of Conan time did not disappoint.

Comedians are sometimes very rough to watch in an interview, especially in an interview of some length. I appreciate their desire to entertain us at all times but after watching Robin Williams spin into his 233rd non-sequiter, it takes all of my strength not to scream at the TV like an SVU prosecutor, “Just answer the QUESTION! WHERE WERE YOU BORN?”

Conan, on the other hand, I could just watch for hours on end and while he does have slight Robin Williams tendencies my affection for him is so great that I can ignore it. A couple of last night’s highlights:

– James Lipton asks Conan to demonstrate some of his childhood tap dancing lessons and Conan obliges. The routine is a combination of his Late Night monologue moves and something out of the Big Apple circus

– His story about the prank on Burt Ward while he was at Harvard is pretty priceless.

– Hearing how seriously he takes each and every show was not exactly surprising given how thoroughly he throws himself into it every night but still nice to hear.

– When you guzzle two full glasses of water to see a joke through? It’s not often you see James Lipton rendered speechless. (Actually, who am I kidding- Lipton is probably rendered speechless about five times a day. “Incredible!”)

Watch Inside the Actors Studio with DEAN AMERITUS James Lipton.

– Judi


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