Ladies and Gentlemen, former President Don Knotts?

God knows what Jimmy Carter was talking about on Larry King Live last night, because I couldn’t get past the fact that the former president now looks exactly like the late Don Knotts. I’m sure he was spewing some presidentialy advice for the new commander in chief, but all I heard was, “Jaaa-aacckk, Chhuuurriis -iiss-ssyy, Jaaaan-u-eettt!!!!!” Or Carter performing Mr. Furley’s former job of throwing Otis in the drunk tank every night. And actually, I’d be shocked to learn that Jimmy Carter didn’t have a guest spot on “Matlock.”

Please tell me that this means Jimmy Carter is starring with Dakota Fanning in an upcoming remake of “The Apple Dumpling Gang.”


I used to LOVE the Incredible Mr. Limpet when I was a kid.



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