All About the Andersens

What the hell is this show? Who would produce a television program based on the comic stylings of Anthony Andersen? Is this for real? I’m absolutely not sitting through an entire episode, but what I gather is that Anthony lives at home with his parents and his young son. There is also a brother or cousin living there, apparently to increase the comedic value.

And wait, what? Jenny McCarthy is guest starring as the kid’s piano teacher? I thought she was better than that. “She’s so cute, I’d hold her hand at a Klan meeting,” cousin/brother announces in the beginning. How long am I going to have to wait for a “Where the white women at?” joke? Ugh, this show is terrible. Anthony, go back to Deering High School and entertain me as the fat black athlete who plays second string to a white girl on the basketball court. Now thats good television.



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