Grounded for Life

In the grand tradition of weekend sitcoms (“Saved By The Bell”, my personal favorite “California Dreams”, “City Guys”, “One World”- oh, my God “One World” was so, so bad) I give you “Grounded for Life,” which actually used to be on primetime, I have no idea where or when, but now pretty much only exists on the Family Channel on my weekends.3746

Completely underrated and pretty ballsy for a family sitcom. Claudia and Sean, who own the world’s crappiest Irish pub (still not as dirtbag crappy as Paddy’s but just as not-successful) got pregnant in high school and have three kids- Lily, who is pretty much the horniest sitcom teenage girl ever in existence and flaunts her rebellions (the usual- piercings, tattoos, some anger management issues) and her sex life in front of her parents in a way that makes her oddly not that slutty but highly amusing. Son Jimmy, clearly destined for years of pot and basement time, that’s a given, and Henry who’s completely normal and thus not often in the show. So thanks for that.
Not to mention Kevin Corrigan as Uncle Eddie (who you probably know as the angry dude in “Superbad” who threatens Jonah Hill when he dances with his menstrual girlfriend but who will forever be in my heart as Eliott in “Slums of Beverly Hills”) and “The Reaper” Bret Harrison is Lily’s idiot boyfriend Brad. Once upon a time I wished for a world where Bret Harrison was in pretty much everything and, thanks, I got my wish but nothing could top his role in “The Loop” which was an AMAZING show and, again, I’m pretty sure I am the only person who has ever it. Check it out here because it’s Sunday and on Sunday you should do as you’re told.

Watch Grounded for Life.

– Judi


Great weekend show for sure. As for Uncle Eddie though, I can’t think of him as anyone but Millie’s cousin who makes fake ID’s for Lindsay and friends so they can go see Feedback, which turns out to be Mr. Rosso’s band. 



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  1. If you love Bret, you should also watch him in Reaper. He’s awesome, and it’s great that he can really hold his own against Ray Wise’s Devil. I can’t wait for the show to return March 17th.

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