My name is Melissa. M-E-L-I-S-S-A. And I’m addicted to Intervention on A&E.  I used to enjoy the show for the first 15 minutes when they would show how entirely fucked up an addict would behave. I realize how twisted it might be to find humor in such serious problems, but I don’t think anyone can, with any amount of confidence, proclaim that a naked, drunken, methed-out stripper throwing chicken and cup a noodles while jumping on a bed with a 40, isn’t funny. However, in recent months Intervention has taken on a much more tragic tone. I mean, it was always tragic, but of late, it’s less “Wow, that girl is fucked up” and more “Oooof, why am I watching this, let alone saving it to Tivo?” 

Last night’s episode miiiiight encourage me to “Modify Series Recording” though. On the surface, Lana looks like your regular pill popping alcoholic. But, obviously, we must wait until the 13 minute mark to learn that she had been raped–a fact she only learned when the feds rolled into Utah, called her up, and presented her with a five hour DVD of the attack that they had recently found in the assailants apartment. 

Now, I would venture to say that I have seen every episode of this show, and a helluva lot of Law & Order SVU, but never seen anything so entirely fucked up as a victim learning of a past sexual assault via DVD. 

That girl that sucked “Duster” 24/7 and felt like she was “Walkin on sunshine,” though, will always make me laugh.


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  1. OMG, I loved the girl who huffed the keyboard cleaner for a living! I thought it was a SNL short for the first 20 minutes though.

    The only drag was when she got clean and then bleached her hair yellow.

    Sweetie, and you thought inhaling cans and cans of aerosol goodness was in poor judgment?

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