Paul Rudd Renaissance


Clueless was on over the weekend and even though I only saw the last ten minutes, it was enough time for me to say “Oh, my god, this movie is SO OLD. Which means that I too am SO SO OLD.”

Nothing makes me happier than the recent Paul Rudd Renaissance. Nothing, not even Obama aka The New Beatles (and on that note, seriously, everyone needs to calm the hell down). Obama was not in a movie about an adorable gay guy who tries to raise his best friend’s baby. Although, I have to say, that would’ve been awesome. And highly inappropriate.

The another night I was watching Friends (The deplorable season 10- I can’t resist Anna Faris in anything) and this scene just proves that way before Judd Apatow came along, Rudd was still very, very funny. He’s so funny that, even without Faris, he made the last season of Friends actually kind of watchable. This is a miracle for our times, the sitcom equivalent of Jesus’s face in a muffin.

– Judi


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