Uh Oh

I just discovered that Netflix’s Watch Instantly has a whole Sitcoms area.

They have Charlies in Charge. AND Gimme a Break. Kate & Allie. COACH. They even distinguished the Hayley Mills- Saved By the Bell episodes as “Good Morning Miss Bliss Season 1”. I almost wept in appreciation.

I also can’t stop watching these Gladys Hardy clips on Ellen and now I think I might need to season pass Ellen. Which is a SERIOUS commitment, considering it’s on every day. That’s major TiVo-time. The only other show I TiVo every day is Conan because he’s only got two weeks left and even that took serious consideration.
What do you think, Beal? You watch more daytime TV than I do.

– Judi


Basically what you’re gonna want to do, is schedule Ellen to record, but set it to only “save” say two or three episodes. That way they never take up more room on your DVR than necessary, but you always have the option to view the three most recent shows. 



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