Ok, Leverage, YOU WIN


I like you. Are you happy? Despite a few glitches (like that guy on the left who has popped up on and off for the last ten years and, I honestly, have come to despise him. Yes, you, guy from Angel and that one episode of Dawsons Creek and the super annoying ex-boyfriend in Just Married. Arghhh, please leave me alone!) and a very poorly advised plot point involving Timothy Hutton’s drinking problem and some so-so acting, I have come to dig you. The character of Parker helps. A lot.

Now, in typical cable series fashion, just as I have admitted I like you, you will immediately go off the air. In fact, I think your season finale is in two weeks. Great Just great.

We still have The Closer and Bones reruns, TNT. Don’t you worry…

– Judi


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