Donal Logue is in “Sneakers”? Ben Kingsley is in “Sneakers”? Dharma Finklestein Montgomery’s real-life husband is in “Sneakers”? Danny from the “West Wing” and the world’s worst brother-in-law from “Field of Dreams”? The First Lady from “Independence Day” who thinks the stripper is a ballet dancer? This one chick who was in, um, EVERYTHING (including every show in the early ’90s and “Malibu Shores”, oh my God) and seriously needs to be honored with some kind of lifetime achievement award by now. Yes, you-


News flash. Everyone who had a SAG card in 1992 is in “Sneakers”. It’s like a character actor BONANZA in my house right now. I’ve never had to refer to IMDB so many times in a one-hour period in my life.

Also, in an unrelated note, it’s kind of hard to watch a movie about spy geniuses when they’re stumped by how to get past a key-card access lock. I’m just saying. Michael Westen is laughing his ass off right now.

– Judi


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