Why Medium is Livin’ LARGE


Yes, I am one of those people who is constantly referring to NBC’s Medium as the savior for all TV-kind. Last night’s episode was yet another good example as it, once more, kicked Heroes soundly in the ass in terms of awesomeness (as opposed to just giving it a random thrashing, which Heroes totally deserves too. Though I did smirk when they called Peter a “nurse” and made it sound like an insult. “I’m a cop, you’re a scientist, Peter’s just a nurse.”)

Reasons Why Medium Wins Every Time / Is a Harbinger For Good Things in the Future of Television

1. Patricia Arquette is actually the size of a normal person. Whenever I see one of her doughy arms, I gleefully clap and then pinch my own doughy arm in solidarity.

2. Those kids are awesome. Especially Brigitte, she of the round face. They’re also psychics too which is even more fantastic. When Matt reads minds on Heroes he looks like he’s about to make a dookie on the floor (Greg Gunberg clearly went to the Joey Tribiani School of Acting. “I have a fishhook in my eye and I like it.”). When oldest daughter Ariel does it, accidentally reading Dad’s thoughts while he’s trying to teach her how to drive, it’s funny and sad and weird (Dad’s bummed he can’t really teach his daughter how to drive since she knows what he’s about to say before he says it.) Also awesome- they rarely address the fact that Brigitte and Ariel are psychic superheroes like Mom. It’s just THERE, the unspoken explanation. As opposed to Heroes, where someone says the word “abilities” every three seconds.

3. Question- which is scarier: Waking up bloodied and alone under a highway overpass in the middle of the night and realizing you may have just killed someone or waking up tied to a chair in a hotel room, being interrogated by three morons, the chief moron nearly screwing everything up by COMPLETELY overreacting to a useless piece of information (who cares that Noah warned HotHinder about the abductions? Was it really worth throwing him into a mirror?) Ugh, Heroes suuuucks.

4. Sample Medium guest star- Angelica Huston. Sample Heroes guest star- Moira “Toepick” Kelly. (Ok, I have to admit, I kind of love Moira Kelly. Any time Doug Dorsey shows up on anything I freak out too.)

5. I know everyone says this about Medium but shut up, it’s true. If you told me that Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber were married in real life, I would totally believe you. Also, I would like ALL of the soap operas to take note- it IS possible to have drama and still make sure everyone gets to school and work on a daily basis. We call that REALISM.


Why HELLO. Take a seat on my sexy detective bench, won't you?
Why HELLO. Take a seat on my sexy detective bench, won't you?


– Judi


2 thoughts on “Why Medium is Livin’ LARGE

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  1. I once appeared on the show Medium. It was a flashback episode that had something to do with a dead cat and a science fair.


  2. Did the episode involve Detective Scanlon carrying you away somewhere in his arms? If so I’m going to punch you in the face.

    – Judi

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