In Defense of Lilith

Lilith Sternin

I’ll admit it. It’s been years but the decision to split up Cheers’ Frasier and Lilith still makes me scratch my head. I guess some people would say it’s a no brainer that eventually warm, caring, perpetually misguided Frasier Crane would eventually come to his senses, ditch the icicle at his side and move to Seattle so he could resume a life of bachelorhood (may I say, “ew”).

But really, keeping these two together would’ve been so much more entertaining, in my humble opinion. Eleven guest spots on “Frasier” just don’t cut it. I would’ve loved to have seen Niles and Lilith face off on more of a daily basis. Watch Frasier continue trying to be everything to everybody while Lilith acts as the dead voice of cynicism and doubt, constantly undermining his good intentions by cutting right to the chase. How can you not love her? Anyone who walks around thinking they can solve all your problems for you needs to be cut down to size daily. Unfortunately, they decided to give the job to John “I’m INCARCERATED, Lloyd!” Mahoney instead of keeping it in Lilith’s capable, bird-like hands where it belonged.

Better yet, forget Frasier altogether. If they had to split them up, they should’ve just given the spin-off to Lilith instead. She’s the strangest character ever but she works and she’s endlessly fascinating to watch. Bebe Neuwirth manages to keep her dead cold, monotone, dry as my skin in winter and seriously funny, which is a solid accomplishment for a woman whose career would eventually come to be better known for posing in “Chicago” and throwing benefits for out of work dancers. Lilith is always completely nonplussed and even-steven, the original ice princess, and watching her navigate a warm and cuddly sitcom world by herself would’ve been so much fun. (How does she raise a CHILD? It’s FASCINATING.)

Sigh. At least we’ll always have our “what ifs”. And reruns.

– Judi


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  1. Niles: I learned that if you kiss her too fast you get an ice cream headache.

    Lilith: You also learned that I have twice your upper body strength, so shut your pie hole.

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