Freak Out

When I lived in LA, I saw celebrities, yes. It’s a little like if you were the zookeeper’s kid and people were always asking you if you ever saw any animals and you were all, “They just like walk around my house! It’s BANANAS.”

Seeing Bruce Willis in the wild is also bananas. Even more insane is your reaction to people that no one else even recognizes. The people who never became big stars but were in movies and TV shows that you watched as a kid (or as an awkward adult). Let me just tell you, there is a huge difference in your physical reaction to these people. Mainly, the unexplainable freak out. The reaction that either endears you to your friends or causes them to suggest psychiatric treatment.

My biggest LA freak outs


Uncle Jessie’s Dad from “Full House.” Not even a regular cast member and I FLIPPED MY SHIT.


Lex Luthor from “Lois and Clark.” Awesomely, my brother was with me for that one. He walked in front of my car in Santa Monica and I don’t know whose jaw dropped faster. There MAY have been some inappropriate screeching.

Anaksunamoon from The Mummy Returns- yes, that’s right. I flipped out. It is not normal to see a mummy at a Starbucks on Robertson Blvd. In this case, my freak out was completely out of proportion, considering I have never seen this chick in anything else. Whatever, I love The Mummy.


Pretty Much the Entire Cast of Roswell- Or rather Michael, Tess, Alex (Colin Hanks) and Maria (twice). I was so excited to see Michael that I almost shoved him into traffic. That would’ve been a sad ending to the story.

Freak Out By Proxy

– I probably scared Beal when she told me she accidentally had dinner with Brenda from Adventures in Babysitting. If I had dinner with Brenda, it would be the first thing I bring up in conversation NOT AN AFTERTHOUGHT. I’m clearly still upset about it.



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  1. Please do not take this as any sort of challenge to your superior ability to recognize and then freak out over obscure sidekicks and guest starts… but once on the Upper West Side I saw Mike Burton, Ed’s best friend from “Ed” on line with me for brunch. His real name is Josh Randall (I actually had to go to IMDB just now, underscoring how this is not my forte). I was so excited… then I remembered he was arrested for buying crack in brooklyn. That was really upsetting to me– not Ed’s best friend!

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