The Best The Middle Has To Offer

I had to clean my apartment this morning and what better way to clean than with some great mediocre movies on in the background?


Freaky Friday- God, I love that Disney machine. I think Jamie Lee Curtis should just play moms. I mean, really, after House Arrest it was all downhill anyway. Also I think any situation that calls for Chad Michael Murray to do anything is hilarious. PS I miss this Lindsey Lohan.


Sister Act- I would’ve been happier to catch Sister Act 2 (oh, Lauryn Hill. I can’t believe you have the nerve to act so high and mighty all the time.) but Sister Mary Clarence’s first go-around works for me too. This also perpetuates my theory that I’ll watch anything with Maggie Smith, especially if the title of the movie starts with “The First Wives Club.”


The 10th Kingdom- This one I actually have on good old VHS. Does anyone remember this 10-part miniseries starring Kimberly “I’m Getting Married- AH!” Williams, Max Medina from Gilmore Girls and John Larroquette as himself (ok not really. But that would’ve been awesome.)? No? Just me? I’m ok with that. Look at this cast! It’s like a B-movie dream come true! AND my house is now clean. This has been a GREAT day.

– Judi


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