Best Observation of the Night

Vic: Why is Ramona dressed like a snack cake?

In other news, I hearby announce that The Countess needs to go to Tool Academy. IMMEDIATELY. I never thought I would take Crazy Magoo’s side on anything but I did last night. I actually sided with Ramona. I need a drink the size of my head right now.

Also, I think it’s funny that the chick in pink got arrested yesterday for slugging her boyfriend. I think she could really do some damage too.

– Judi


I’m so confused. I feel like the producers/editors of this reality show totally turned on LuAnn. I wonder what in the hell she did. I mean, she’s always been a hoity-toity bitch, but it was sort of her role, and at least she didn’t make my body crumple up in convulsions every time she opened her mouth a la Ramona. But I agree with Judi on this one. Somehow at the end of the kitchen scene, I was totally on Ramona’s side. LuAnn essentially called her a whore, and Ramona calmly explained how “whore” and “going out in public with male friends” are not synonymous. Also, Ramona was actually being quite kind, trying to help Bethenny meet some new people since she had complained about staying in blah blah. Fuck you LuAnn, your husband IS an old man. And like I said before, you MARRIED INTO that family, so why are you so insistent that people respect and appreciate the De le Sepps historical contributions to our country?? It’s obvious that the producers want your “etiquette” book to fail, and so do I.

Lastly, I cannot, cannot believe that you tried to explain to Bethenny, your difficulty in overcoming being “an American Indian from Connecticut.” I doubt you’ve got enough Injun blood to qualify for a scholarship, that’s A. And B) Connecticut? Really? It must have been so hard being slightly tanner/taller, yet beautiful on the mean streets of Connecticut before becoming a model and eventually marrying for money.



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