Simply The Best- Continued

We continue our salute to Lifetime Movies with this little gem-


Shame on you, Lifetime, for keeping Mark Paul Gosselar’s name off the DVD box. Surely I’m not the only one who remembers the macaroni and cheese scene.

Nobody likes Lifetime movies about eating disorders more than junior high health teachers and this one was a particular favorite, if only for the infamous “puke in the jars” situation, a scene that has haunted my dreams for YEARS.

Remember that episode of Full House when DJ thinks she’s fat and goes on a diet bender? How shitty must it have been for Candace Cameron to get that script- “We’re finally going to address your chipmunk cheeks.” I hope her on-set tutor shook her head at that nonsense and procured this film from her bag of tricks. Nothing nips a possible eating disorder in the bud like a bad TV movie.

– Judi


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