Drowning Little Ricky

Last night’s intervention was atypical. Obviously drugs and alcohol are the basic vices for the show, but occasionally they mix it up with a gambling junkie or a non-eater/puker. There are also intermittent self-mutilator or OCD episodes, but those are usually few and far between, and generally the person is also addicted to something more substantial. Sharon, however, is unique.

I’m always a bit disappointed at Intervention when I read in the guide that the person is not an alky or drug addict. I apologize for my sick fascination with other people’s addiction’s, but drunks and druggies are always far more entertaining, and nothing beats that alcoholic/drug addict, one, two punch. So when I saw “Sharon”, Compulsive behavior, I was none too pleased.

Sadly, this woman’s childhood was absolutely tragic in ways that only A&E can find. She could not look at herself naked in a mirror, and she beat herself in the stomach up to 10 times per day. She also occasionally would stand in the kitchen and nearly stab herself repeatedly. Totally healthy.

But wait, one day she snapped. Now, if there is ONE event that I wish the Intervention crew could have captured on film, why oh why could it not have been this one? I mean, we’ve seen naked strippers solve pretend Algebra equations naked, a lady ride 25 hours in a limo with her cat and a Mormon smoking crack. Why oh why did you not capture Sharon, trying to drown her Chihuahua “Little Ricky” in the toilet????

The final black screen update portion of this episode was fairly priceless. . .


Sharon completed treatment and moved home with Tommy.

One week later, she hit herself.

Sharon plans to divorce Tommy.





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