Rest in Peace, Pussycat.

I have spent the past week sitting Shiva for Bea Arthur, and I think it's finally time I quit mourning the loss of her life and instead, celebrate it, which I will begin to do right here. I first met Bea as a child, in the late 1980's on the prime-time hit The Golden Girls.... Continue Reading →


Getting Ready

My brother's coming into town this weekend- BIG PLANS A BREWIN'. We've had this trip planned for about four months now, all centering on the debut of X-Men Origins: Wolverine tomorrow night. I know, I know. You're just all a-giggle over my geek joy. Well, it just gets better. Because what better way to celebrate... Continue Reading →

The Sound You Hear is Not Silence

It is DEVASTATION. The last few days have been terrible. There is a black curtain over my television, there is a pall over my TiVo. There has been sniffling and the smell of BenGay. Someone left a casserole and a TV Guide on my doorstep. Thank you, whoever you are. Bea Arthur is dead. I'm... Continue Reading →

You’re Better Off With Ted

It's official- my favorite new show of the 2008-2009 TV Season is ABC's mid-season replacement Better of Ted. Veridian Dynamics. Competition--whether it's animals, or this old woman and baby, fighting to the death. Competition makes us stronger. In business, that means better products--pills that look like candy, hands that can shoot lightning, and a new... Continue Reading →

A “Tribute” to Terrible Plots

The final installment of the 2009 Nora Roberts Collection premiered on Lifetime Saturday night, and well, every night since. Tribute, starring Brittany Murphy (in the bushiest set of eyebrows in prime-time since The O.C. was cancelled) and Jason Lewis, was nothing if not entirely absurd. If you want to know the plot, check out the plot of... Continue Reading →


You just know this one is going to be fantastic. Also, I kind of wish Clarissa was really acting opposite a cardboard cut-out of Joseph P. Lawrence. Kind of a "Weekend at Bernies" meets "Blossom." Whoa. I think Beal and I need to get on that script.

Must See TV 2.0

Why NBC, you've done it again! I had lost all hope in you when your Thursday night lineup slummed to Joey, Will & Grace, The Apprentice and ER. It was like, just because Friends and Seinfeld had played out, you didn't have to give up completely, but you did. I believe it was your shit Thursday that singlehandedly took your... Continue Reading →

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