Bye Bye Brad.

I’m partly ashamed of exactly how I decided that I desperately needed to know what ever happened to Kelly Brown, but I believe the thought process to be nearly as valuable as the information regarding the whereabouts of Ms. Brown. Here goes:

While watching the Merecedes episode of The Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel last night, a commercial (not surprisingly) for denture adhesive came onto the screen. . .

OBVIOUSLY, this little ditty reminded me of a very special episode of Hey Dude! when Ted is leaving the Bar None Ranch and serenades his fellow employees to the same tune featured in the above commercial for Sea Bond– Bye bye Brad! Bye bye Melody! See ya Mr. Ernst! See ya Mr. Ernst! How I could possibly remember a 30 second scene for 19 years is a mystery, but not nearly a big of a mystery as I was about to discover when I began researching the cast of Hey Dude!

Melody (Christine Taylor) is the easy one. Apparently the only break-out star from the early 90’s Nickelodeon gem, Taylor married actor Ben Stiller and has appeared in dozens of semi-decent movies since Hey Dude went off the air.

Mr. Ernst (David Brisbin) has appeared on like, every show the 90’s had to offer from NYPD Blue to The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ellen, Seinfeld, thirtysomething and more. He even did 19 episodes of ER.

Ted (David Lascher) ended up on Blossom, Clueless and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. And will likely play the role of the romantic lead’s best friend in my first Lifetime MFTVM.

Now here’s the mystery: What in the hell every happened to BRAD? DANNY? LUCY? BUDDY?

Not one of these “actors” ever worked again! How is this possible? Fine, these people weren’t the greatest thespians in the world, but come on! They couldn’t even appear as a suspect on Law & Order? I’ll give you Danny and Buddy. They clearly won some kind of Nickelodeon casting sweepstakes, neither of them were playing a role, so much as they were playing themselves but in a dude ranch setting. Lucy I could give or take, I never really identified with her because she seemed old. Brad (Kelly Brown) on the other hand, I feel like was a real talent.  

However, Hey Dude! remains the ONLY acting credit to her name. I feel like she was the beautiful, feminine 90’s version of Jo Polniaczek (Nancy McKeon who still appears somewhat regularly on television).

I am thoroughly saddened by the disappearance of Kelly Brown, and her absence from my television screen. Furthermore, it is upsetting to find ONLY the following information about her current whereabouts, courtesey of Wikipedia. . . 

After Hey Dude, Brown left acting, got married, and started a family. She is last known to be living in upstate New York.



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  1. David Lascher was the first boy I ever loved. I actually got goosebumps from that stupid commercial. GOOSEBUMPS.

    It would be super weird to find out your mom was once on a Nickelodeon TV show in the ’90s. You think it ever comes up during PTA meetings? I bet it does when it comes time to find someone to direct the school play.

  2. When I was a kid and I watched this show I had such a crush on Kelly Brown! Now in my 30s and looking back I still do or did. I never cared much for Christine Taylor. I did not dislike her but Ted and Kelly were always my favorites. It really sucks that there is no information pretty much on the internet at all about Kelly. Her name is too common to even differentiate her from any other Kelly so finding more about her on Face Book is a bust or any other site for that matter. I mean you can find anything on the internet right? WRONG! She literally has virtually no digital foot print online what so ever save a few grainy her dude photos. No DOB, no last name nor or even who her husband is hell do we even know how old she was in Hey Dude? As I recall Christine Taylor was 20 and Brad seemed older on the show. I did run across one page that said Kelly was good friends with one of the other cast members. If my memory serves me correctly I want to say it was Lucy Debra Kalman which to me seems odd because she did kind of seem older to me when I was a kid and I related least with her. I even checked Linkedin for the name Kelly Brown in upstate New York and nothing. So yea if anyone has any additional information please provided.

    In end note she was beautiful and IMO the true talent on Hey Dude I can’t believe she just up and left it all to get married so young and virtually disappeared off the face of the planet. She is missed!

  3. I actually found her on Facebook even with a common name like Kelly Brown. I was curious to see the whole cast then and now. It was really a fluke. I typed in Buddy’s name Josh Tygiel and on his friends list sure enough was Kelly Brown the only one at that. I would say she is probably in her early to mid forties she looks a lot skinnier than in the past but people change through the years try it out can’t miss it. I miss the the wholesomeness of shows from that time tv doesn’t offer That anymore!

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