The Unusuals

New ABC show “The Unusuals” starts on Wednesday 4/8 at 10/9c and I’m kind of excited about it.


1) Plot premise could be fun (New York cops who get all the wacky cases- guy in hot dog suit goes rogue, naked people etc). Preview commercials looks very promising AND Entertainment Weekly didn’t hate it. So it’s got that going for it.


2) Amber Tamblyn- My affection for Amber runs pretty deep since she was the original, kick-ass Emily Quartermaine on “General Hospital”.  “Joan of Arcadia” was a great show and I think it’s obvious that I was one of those girls sobbing through the end of “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” I’m glad I’m not the only one sitting around thinking, “Give Amber a new show already.”


3) Adam Goldberg- Oh, EDDIE. Oh, The Hebrew Hammer. Oh, dated Christina Ricci for eons and causing me to always wonder what it would be like to invite the pair of them over for cocktails. This show sounds perfect for you AND you get to play a funny cop with a death wish! “See ya, pals.”

– Judi


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  1. Did we really forget about Adam Goldberg as Mike in the greatest movie of all time, Dazed and Confused?

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