LIVE (recorded from an earlier broadcast) Blogging -Real Housewives of NYC style!


I just sat down to comment on the constant train wreck that is The Real Housewives of New York City, when I remembered that Judi and I had texted one another throughout the hour, in lieu of yelling these things at the screen. Instead of using the texts to prompt my memory of the revolting behavior of NYC’s upper echelon, I decided to simply type the text conversation here. It’s like a live blogging experiment, or well, blatant evidence that we both need jobs. . .


MB:  I cannot even look at luann

JC:  OH MY GOD i had to change the channel during that YMCA scene

MB:  I can’t look ooof, its worse than the WORST stephanie tanner cringe ever. I might have to like pretend I forgot to get something out of my backpack

JC: Agreed. At least stephanie GREW OUT of that stage. Just painful.

MB: And goddamn, why do they all have bookdeals?

JC: I need to say something – I don’t mind Alex. That much anyway.

MB: HATE her. So so much.

JC: More than Kelly? More than Luann?

MB:  I hate alex the most. Then Luann (who used to be my fave) then kelly. . .

JC:  I hate simon the most. He’s disgusting.

MB: Filthy. He’s so terrible, particularly in the visually dept.

MB: Ew! “Flirtfest?” What a terrible word. Kelly just moved down the ranks

JC: She should be below the ranks – she’s INSANE!

MB: She’s totally out of her mind. And simon participating in an athletic should be forbidden.

JC: Oh god new jersey

MB: Alex is making excuses for simon’s skills. She is totally delusional at all times.

JC: I find her pathetic – she’s harmless and tragic. The ones who will suffer the most are her contractors and those frou-four kids.

MB: I feel dirty about that entire hour.

JC: I’m cleansing with a little jolie nostalgia – hackers is on!

MB: Ooh, can’t. I moved to rachel maddow for a break before Golden Girls begins.

JC: C’mon – angry lesbian journalist or matthew lillard in BRAIDS?

MB:  I’m going angry lesbian. Skeet uhlrich and then i’ll change the channel.

JC:  UM marc anthony is in hackers. As in J Lo’s marc anthony.



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