The Unusuals- Reviewed


Hmmmm. I don’t know about this.

First of all, The AV Club was right in their assessment that the previews for The Unusuals are a bit misleading- the new ABC show is more streamlined cop-drama than it pretended to be. I guess they have to play up the weird to snag the lead-in Lost audience, the people who don’t immediately run to the Interweb to get down their notes on what conspiracies are taking place this week (am I the only Lost viewer who changes the channel after an episode, sated and ready to move on to the next thing? Life is too short to ponder over every word Benjamin Linus says. I say, as I sit here writing on a website dedicated to TV minutae. Shut up.)

Anyway, here’s the review in brief.

Mystery surrounding crooked cop who’s now dead: All right, I’ll play along for a while. I guess.

Super cryptic sergeant who tells his new detective (Amber Tamblyn) that he moved her into his precinct because there’s fishy business going on and as an uber-rich socialite’s daughter, she’s unbribeable: Mildly interesting. Except his cheesy cliches, “the truth is out there” or some bullshit, is laughable.

Eddie is dying and apparently can’t die: I love Adam Goldberg. You were smart to give this to Adam Goldberg because otherwise there would’ve been a lot more scoffing involved.

Walsh owns a diner? I don’t care. I want more of this guy, he’s SUPER appealing.

Michael from Lost is paranoid because all the men in his family die at 42 and he’s 42 so he sleeps in a bulletproof vest: Straight-up dumb. Someone needs to tell him there are OTHER ways to kill a person besides a gun. Like poison. Or contrived plot exposition.

That guy with the mustache who talks about himself in the third-person: For a second, I thought I was watching a Reno 911 character. Props for the ‘stache though.


How many TiVoed episodes before I commit to Season Pass: Three, looking for marked improvement.


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