TCM Presents ‘Network’

by Beal

Turner Classic Movies is a wonderful channel that I so often overlook. Unless I’ve seen the movie more than 30 times (admittedly, I watch the same 25 movies over and over and over) then I can’t begin watching it halfway through. But how often do you need something to watch in 45 minutes? Never! I need something to watch NOW! Which is why I decided to record and watch later, a series of great looking olden timey films that TCM was offering up commercial free for my enjoyment. Last night I settled in to watch Network, a scathing satire about the power of network television. This multiple Oscar winner is as relevant today as it was at its release in 1976. . .

After watching Network your first instinct is to reach for the remote, and turn off the tube. But then you remember that it’s midnight and The Golden Girls is on and then you decide that being acutely aware of what television will do to my brain is enough and that taking action would be absurd. Plus, it’s season finale time. I’m not quitting now!


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