Bones of Our Lives

by Judi


So, let me see if I’ve got this straight. A few weeks back, when the writers-that-be said that Bones and Booth would end up in bed together during the season finale and that it “was not a dream and not a hallucination,” I ASSUME I was led to believe that it would really happen.

But apparently, “not a dream and not a hallucination” really means “IN A SHORT STORY BONES IS WRITING BY BOOTH’S BEDSIDE.” Are you f’n KIDDING ME?

AND THEN… just when you can’t get more angry, they throw in an AMNESIA CLIFFHANGER. SERIOUSLY. I’M ACTUALLY SERIOUS. If Stefano DiMera showed up and Booth started levitating in his hospital bed, I would not have been surprised in the least.

This is not the angriest at television I’ve ever been (that honor goes to BBC’s Robin Hood series when they killed Marian at the end of the last season.) But still, a little piece of my Bones-heart died last night. When you take liberties with the audience’s patience, planting false information, deliberately mislead them for ratings, you’ve gotta be prepared to take the hit.


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