I’ve missed my favorite red-headed string bean more than I can say.

fathertime1No, no. Not Father Time. THIS red-headed string bean.

123921__conan_lI’ve been waiting rather impatiently for The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien for, oh, five years or so when they announced he would be replaced Jay Leno, aka The King of Middle America Monotony. I’ve embraced the recent media blitz, even going so far as to TiVo four hours of The Today Show, just to get a glimpse of the new set. I made a lot of seriously angry noises at my computer when the New York Mag spread on Conan was released last week but the site wouldn’t let me go past page 1. I did not watch the Access Hollywood interview (I have standards, people).

So, last night FINALLY comes and of course, I missed the first fifteen minutes of the show. This is what I get for assuming that TiVo has my back. Little did I know that when it came to a choice of Conan O’Brien Wish List or Burn Notice repeat, TiVo believed I would need to rewatch that episode when Michael saves somebody using his spy wiles. You know, again. TiVo and I aren’t speaking at the moment, as you can imagine. I’m sure in retaliation, I’ll turn on the TV only to find that it’s taped forty episodes of Sanford & Son and a week’s worth of Nancy Grace.

But I digress. Thanks to Hulu, I finally got the whole picture. And while others could give you a better review of Conoco’s first night on the Tonight Show throne, I just want to clap and do a happy little string dance of my own. He was right- the episode did go by fast. It was funny and familiar and new, all at the same time, and I can’t believe our luck, as a NATION, that we get to see it all again tonight. And the next night and the next.

This is going to be fun.


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