So You Think You Can Cry

by Judi

A few recent musings on summer TV offerings.

More dancing, less crying...
More dancing, less crying...
  • I really, really hate these reality shows that force you to watch weeks of auditions and try-outs before they actually start the show. And do the episodes need to be TWO HOURS LONG? So You Think You Can Dance is a fine example as apparently FOX believes I have nothing better to do than watch both the contestants and panel of judges cry for two hours straight. Seriously, everyone was crying last week. My friend said it’s because dancers are basically theater students, trying to wring out emotional drama out of the smallest infraction, but I don’t care what the reason is. You’re a hot dancer. Stop crying. Nobody’s forcing you to dance on a very dangerous fishing boat or anything. Seriously, stop it.


  • Is Kathy Griffin officially off the D List? Cause, I feel like she is. Don’t you? I mean, let’s bump her up to C List at the very least. When I feel defensive of Kathy Griffin over BETTE MIDLER, it has to indicate a change in the air.


  • I’ve completely forgotten to watch Tori and Dean this season, like completely. I think sometimes you need to treat crappy TV like a crowded closet. Toss your clothes in a pile and if you’ve forgotten you own it, get rid of it.
Wow, best caption ever.
Wow, best caption ever.
  • E! has responded to my Kendra post by playing “Adventures in Babysitting” this afternoon. And, quite frankly, the ploy is working. I think I love you again, E! If this were a summer blockbuster about tornadoes, we would totally be getting back together right now. (OMG Vincent D’Onfrio with your precious blond hair. I so prefer you as Mechanic Thor to your throaty overacting on Law & Order)

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