And Now I Watch Nurse Jackie. . .

by Beal

3196_main_image_1243604149Well, I’m quite taken with yet another Showtime show. (Please mention my name when you subscribe, so that I’ll receive my well-deserved commission). The show though, is Nurse Jackie starring 3 time Emmy-Award-winner Edie Falco as a New York City (can she play a role of anyone NOT from the tri-state area?) ER nurse who despite her hardened exterior, lack of emotion and general hardass-ness, has a soft spot for pain killers and extra-marital affairs. She also has a real butch haircut.

Sound like a combination of ER, Chicago Hope, House and Grey’s Anatomy? Well it is. Every hospital show is the same. It’s dramatic, all the characters sleep with each other, discover heart attack victims right outside their hospital after long shifts and have a penchant for consuming the easily obtainable prescription narcotics, which are made available by unscrupulous hospital workers. However, because it’s on Showtime, the sex, violence and drug use goes unchecked, making for a much more exciting emergency room dramedy. 

Honestly though, Edie Falco is great. I wasn’t much of a fan of Sopranos, which I’ve seen, and was good. I’m just, in general, uninterested in all things New Jersey. Still, up until now, Carmela Soprano was Falco’s highest profile role, but I sort of believe that Nurse Jackie might change that, because it really is that good (at least at two episodes in). And sidenote: Falco as right-winger Jack Donaghy’s ultra liberal D.C. girlfriend on 30 Rock, spectacular.

waitFurthermore, the show stars Peter Facinelli, whom you might remember as Mike from the late 90’s treasure, Can’t Hardly Wait strarring Jennifer Love-Hewitt as the most popular girl in school, whom Ethan Embry is in love with. And let’s not forget Seth Green’s rousing performance either.

I'm not sure if I hope this is a Crocs advertisement or not.

However, I love Facinelli mostly because he’s married to one of my very closest “friends,” Jennie Garth a.k.a. Kelly Taylor from the original AND remake of Beverly Hills, 90210. It makes me happy to think that the two of them cuddle up in bed, with their above average levels of attractiveness, and watch each other’s prime time hits. It feels like it was a long time coming for these two, with no shortage of failed series, guest spots, B-Features and movies of the week, as well as her appearance on that washed-up celebrity dancing contest program (Fine! I’ve watched an episode or 12. I’m a person too). 

And finally, my favorite thing about Nurse Jackie so far, is that she mashes up Percoset with a mortar and pestle and then, after dumping the imitation sugar out, fills the individual paper packets with pill powder and re-glues them so that she can drop them in her coffee throughout the day. SEE: boss at work, accidentally nabs one for her coffee, hilarity ensues.


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  1. You motherfucker…take it back. You are interested in one thing relating to New Jersey.

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