Character Spotlight: Lindsay Bluth Funke

by Beal

1133167644_LindsayShow:  Arrested Development

Character: Lindsay Bluth Funke

Actress: Portia de Rossi

Basically: Initially we believe Lindsay to be Michael Bluth’s twin sister (we find out in season three that she’s not only adopted, but three years older than Michael–making her 40–and that she was adopted only to spite the Bluth’s business rival, Stan Sitwell). To describe her parents as inattentive would be an understatement, but in efforts to gain their attention and to rebel, Lindsay marries Tobias Funke (David Cross) an “analrapist” (analyst/therapist) who is a nevernude pursuing a career in acting. Lindsay is the mother to Maeby Funke (Alia Shawkat), and pays little if any attention to her. Lindsay seems a bit of a lush, and although she pretends to be a liberal activist is essentially just interested in hosting the lavish parties associated with charity work. She’s about as deep as a puddle, but superficiality suits her well. She’s attractive, but fails at any attempt to be promiscuous. 

Check Portia Out In: Well, I guess any event that wife Ellen DeGeneres is involved,  in the new ABC sitcom Better Off Ted or as Nell Porter in Ally McBeal, which like it or not, was a really funny show. Oh and if there is a god (or anyone with a lick of sense working as an entertainment executive) in the upcoming Arrested Development movie.

To Know is to Love: Lindsay Bluth’s the kind of person you’d hate to know, but you love to watch. Her superficiality is more akin to extreme narcissism, and everything about her life is totally dysfunctional–relationships, career, family. I would love to have seen this character develop past three seasons (movie, fingers crossed) but props to Portia for making a beautiful cold and heartless bitch seem lovable. 

Favorites Moments: Lindsay, who has shown zero concern over her father’s recent incarceration, becomes extremely upset when she visits him in prison–not because her own father is in prison, but because the other inmates, whom she hoped would react rowdily to her presence, pay her no attention. She visits several more times, in increasingly slutty attire. She finally bonds with her somewhat estranged father when he asks her to quit visiting, because he has been paying the other inmates to behave in her presence, which is bankrupting his black market prison funds, which he needs to ward off stabbers and rapists.  Or how about when it’s easier for Lindsay to claim that she is shoplifting from a department store, than it is to admit that she is actually an employee there. How completely degrading/hilarious. Also the time when Lucille and Lindsay get trashed at the Country Club their family can no longer afford. 

YouTube is sadly lacking in great Lindsay Bluth Funke clips as well as Arrested Development clips. Apparently this show’s creators have enough self-respect to prevent copyright infringement of their show. Or maybe the fan-base is less technologically savvy than that of say, Gossip Girl, which is pathetic.

This clip, although not my favorite, at least features Lindsay at her most basic. Please enjoy:


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