How To Make Things Even More Awesome

by Judi

Oh, gee I don’t know. How about throw in a not-at-all scary gang (who apparently drink out of brown paper bags. Or were they just very angry hobos?) and settle it with AN AWESOME GYMNASTICS FIGHT?

I haven’t done this much delighted giggling (with a slight tinge of horror and embarrassment for all those involved) since I saw the ORIGINAL ending for the movie Love Actually. The one that apparently involved that little pixie boy flinging himself all over the airport DOING GYMNASTICS AND FLIPS AND TWIRLING ON A BAR I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP.

I officially love Make It or Break It. I am also officially concerned that DJ and Aunt Becky are slowly turning into the same person. The Summerland effect is out of control.

Candace_Cameron_Bure_Croppedlori loughlin


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