Top Five Fridays: Crossover Madness (Continued)

by Beal 5. Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas Cross in "What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston" (2004) This is a prime example of NBC trying to boost ratings on two absolute B-list shows. Even I didn't watch Las Vegas, but as the one and only fan of Crossing JordanĀ I was admittedly a little bit... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Crossover Madness

by Judi Oh, the CROSSOVER. Jack Doneghy, I'm sure, loves the concept of the TV crossover being such a fan of things like "synergy" and "product integration", "pro-menz" (that's "positive mention" to you, little buddy) and "making lots of money." After all, what better way to get your TV loving public to excitedly clap their... Continue Reading →

Roseanne Barr? Arnold? Hitler???

by Beal I can't decide if this is entirely tasteless, or just classic Roseanne, but I never thought that I would have to mention Hitler on a blog about television, unless I was referring to what my old history professor (who also talked about Rin Tin Tin constantly) lovingly dubbed The Hitler Channel, a lame... Continue Reading →

Holy Stacey Carosi

by Judi A couple of things about this: 1) That's kind of COLD for Jimmy Fallon. What's next? He's going to propose a reunion of Blue Oyster Cult, only to have them all show up at Horatio Sanz's house instead? 2) Nice cropping of Screech and Mr. B. whose creepiness, indeed, has increased exponentially since... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Paris Geller

by Judi Show: Gilmore Girls Character: Paris Geller Played By: Liza Weil Basically: The show Gilmore Girls kicked off its pilot episode with Lorelai Gilmore's brainy sixteen-year-old daughter Rory getting accepted into essentially the most terrifying, formidable private school in Connecticut (forcing Lorelai to go to her estranged blue-blood parents for financial help in paying... Continue Reading →

A Week Without You

You'll notice that there was no Top Five Friday last week. This was my fault as I was on the Jersey Shore last week with my family, staying at my aunt's beach house. Upon arriving, I had dropped my bags, let the dog run outside in the backyard and did what any sane person does... Continue Reading →

Next Time On DVD: Dallas Seasons 1 & 2

by Beal I recently developed a voracious appetite for late seventies melodrama and the only thing that satiates it, is Dallas. This epic prime-time saga, the Holy Grail of serialized dramatic fiction, ran for 14 seasons. I however, have only made my way through seasons one and two, whose 29 episodes and bonus features have... Continue Reading →

Ruby & The Rockits

by Beal Well, it looks like I'm a little late to the abc Family summer premiere season, and all the good shows were taken. Enter Ruby & The Rockits. A nice little sitcom about two former pop stars David and Patrick Gallgher (played by David and Patrick Cassidy, we'll come back to this) who haven't... Continue Reading →

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