Bloopers/Gag Reels/Outtakes

by Beal


Although Home Improvement was never really one of my favorite shows (and don’t get me wrong, I watched A LOT of it, it just never struck a chord) what I did always appreciate, is that at the end of the show, after the final commercial break, instead of employing the classic, credits rolling one liner, or the ol’ the-entire-episode-talked-about-a-character’s-secret-something-or-other-and-here’s-a-funy-visual (cue hysterical studio audience laughter), Home Improvement frequently went with outtakes from that week’s episode. Here’s where I confess how uncool I am: I LOVE outtakes, gag reels and sitcom bloopers. 

Now, I’ve been to the taping of a sitcom (The New Adventures of Old Christine) and I will say that watching them tape a 22 minute program is more like 240 minutes of a bad dress rehearsal of a sub par high school drama production, all the while being super hungry and unable to leave at will than it is like watching a TV show interspersed with its own gag reel. Admittedly, I was super excited to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus in person, and anytime she fucked up, I laughed right along with her, as if I were in on this I’ve-been-on-set-all-day-that-I’m-punchy-and-every-line-is-funny-stop-making-that-face-costar! Oof. Hundreds of cuts and three ACTUALLY funny blunders were definitely not worth the trip to Burbank. I’ll take a five minute gag reel that spans the course of the a televisions series over live action any day. And with that, I offer you these:


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