Character Spotlight: Celia Hodes

WEEDS (season 4)

by Beal

Show: Weeds

Character: Celia Hodes

Actor: Elizabeth Perkins

Basically: At the surface, Celia Hodes is your stereotypical can’t-mind-her-own-business-wants-to-control-yours bitch neighbor who seeks power (in the PTA and the City Council) not so much because she wants to get her way, but because she wants others NOT to get their way. However, despite her schadenfreudian ways, she usually ends up with the shit end of the stick, because she’s a horrible bitch who meddles in the lives of others in ways normal people would never imagine. Although her victims range from her daughters (she shipped eldest Quinn off to a Mexican boarding school after she used the nanny cam to capture her father’s sick affair and switched Isabelle’s chocolate stash with laxatives, forcing her to shit her pants at school) to her husband, whom she hates (I sort of do too) to Doug Wilson, whom she also hates, apart from their seedy motel affair. Still, the person whose life she fucks with the most, you guessed it, her arch-nemesis, Nancy Botwin. 


Some Love for Celia: I’ve always been a fan of Elizabeth Perkins (Please see: Big, Indian Summer and About Last Night. Please DON’T see: Must Love Dogs). She plays cynical and slightly bitchy with a soft side very well, in Weeds though, she was able to take it to a whole new level. She battles an unfaithful husband and cancer in the first season, which starts the viewer on the path of feeling absolutely sorry for her. But then, because she’s an absolute she-devil, everyone is immediately able to overlook her constant tragic misfortune and begin to love to hate her. 

Celia: Everyone likes Nancy. Everyone hates Celia. You need a new narrative.

Doug: We like the old narrative. It felt right.

Still, for all the shit Celia stirs up, karma sends it right back, tenfold. She’s been an alcoholic, a drug addict, she was held for ransom by some Mexican revolutionaries (no one would pay), she went to prison when Nancy’s grow house was busted because EVERYONE pointed the finger at her, she fell in love with a guy, Nancy slept with him, she left her husband to be with Doug Wilson but Doug refused to leave his wife, she’s broke and now she lives in Nancy’s garage (where she found a dead body) and works at the TV land version of Foot Locker. 

Favorite Moment:


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