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Last episode today... Farewell, old friend.


In TV World, September is A-W-E-S-O-M-E

by Judi As a kid, I loved September because I was a giant nerd who enjoyed shopping for school supplies. As an adult, September is really all about television and thus, a reason to celebrate. What shows (both new and returning) am I most looking forward to? I'm so GLAD you ASKED.* Glee (New) When:... Continue Reading →

Top Five Friday’s: Burst into Song (Continued)

5. Monica on¬†Friends "The One Where Monica Sings" (2003) Alright so technically Monica doesn't have to sing, but I'm still keeping this on my list, for several reasons. The first being Paul Rudd as Phoebe's boyfriend, Mike, who works at the piano bar where Monica chooses to perform a little ditty. He's hilarious and as... Continue Reading →

Acceptance on Lifetime

by Beal It really grinds my gears to know that this movie, Acceptance, which premiered on Lifetime last Saturday, is sitting in my apartment, taking up two hours of recording time on my DVR, while I'm out of town, praying that enough space still remains to record all necessary (let's face it, they're all necessary)... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Buffy

Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) Character: Buffy Summers Played By: Sarah Michelle Gellar In a Nutshell: Lord, I'm taking a gargantuan task on here but I realized recently that a lot of our Character Spotlights feature the fun supporting players of our favorite shows. Unfortunately, I forgot that by picking the title character in... Continue Reading →

This Is Why I Have A Brother

Mainly, because the universe realized that at some point, my memory would be terrible while his would remain intact. He sent me a text message this morning, reminding me of the Best Tiny Toons Episode Ever, the one where Babs leaves Buster to join a 90210-esque show called "Thirteensomething." Clearly, I was remiss in excluding... Continue Reading →

Relative Fun Fact

by Beal Remember Angela Chase's kid sister, Danielle from My So-Called Life? How about Nicky and Alex from Full House? What do they have in common? ¬†THEY'RE FIRST COUSINS! I mean, I don't know how I didn't put two and two together. It was right there in black and white Lisa WILHOIT and Blake/Dylan Tuomy-WILHOIT.... Continue Reading →

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