If We Ever Have British Fans, They’re Totally Going to Love Me

by JudiPicture 1

Or maybe not. Maybe not when I explain that my love for British comedies has something to do with how they all remind me of The Muppet Show.

But let’s forget that for a second and discuss The Vicar of Dibley. Right now, even Beal is tilting her head at her can of Extreme Mountain Dew Red Explosion in confusion as she reads this, completely unaware of the show’s existence. Which is UNACCEPTABLE because it stars one of the greatest, most underrated (in this country anyway) British comedians in the history of the modern world- Dawn French. She’s so spot-on funny and outrageously likeable that I want to shrink her (not too much, mind you) and carry her around in a pocket that reads Dawn French is Here in My Pocket. Or something to that effect.

The show is not new. It ran on BBC One (I don’t know how TV in England works but is EVERY show on the BBC?) from ’94 to 2007 and I just discovered it because Netflix kindly offered to let me watch it instantly on my computer while I send my 9,348th resume into the web-o-sphere. I’m two episodes in and I completely love it. Of course I love it- French is a happy-go-lucky, somewhat outrageous vicar in a completely traditional, tiny English parish. The townspeople are dumb and silly (including Tom from Four Weddings and a Funeral and daffy Honey from Notting Hill), the situations are wholly ridiculously and well, they’re British.

And now I’m clapping my hands with glee as I see what other British shows are at my disposal. Do you understand what this is like? This is akin to a cheerfully alcoholic person realizing, to their abject horror, that they’re almost out of alcohol only to discover that there’s a BASEMENT full of COLD BEER right in their very house!


2 thoughts on “If We Ever Have British Fans, They’re Totally Going to Love Me

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  1. I hope this doesn’t create a rift in our friendship/professional relationship, but now is a good a time as any to mention, that I completely abhor British humor.

  2. I think it just means we COMPLEMENT each other’s taste. I, for instance, will never ever watch an episode of “Yes, Dear” let alone the same episode three times.

    So I’ll handle all of England and you can take that guy from Boston Common. Fair?

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