You Already Won Me Ooooover

by Beal

alanisThis, the fifth season of Weeds, is far from my favorite. Ever since the Botwins and Co. moved from suburban Los Angeles, to a Mexican border town (where they now live with a Mexican drug kingpin/Nancy’s latest husband). In the last few episodes though, things have gotten good, and with only two episodes left this season, I can’t wait to see how things play out. (You always get me Jenji Kohan, you always get me). At any rate, Celia is back to her bitchy self now that she stole Doug and Silas’ weed and sold it alongside her shitty Amway style cosmetics, and is now dabbling in lesbianism, much to her gay teen daughter’s chagrin. Shane got shot in the arm. Lupita returned to care for Nancy’s newborn son STEVIE RAY, like seriously? But the best part of the past few episodes, hands down, Alanis Morisette.

Remember when she guest starred on Sex and the City as that I don’t know, bi-sexual that made adults in their mid-30’s play spin the bottle? And she and Carrie had to kiss, only they didn’t because Carrie’s a prude, or maybe they did I don’t remember. Anyway, I hated that they wasted Alanis on such swill, however, the writers at Weeds have totally redeemed her as an actress, at least for me. (I will mention her stint as “Alanis” on You Can’t do that on Television here, done.)

Alanis plays Dr. Audra Kitson, an OB/GYN/abortionist that Nancy turns to, first to discuss possible abortion scenarios and then to deliver her baby on the spot, because she needs the baby out of her in a place where a birth certificate can be issued, instead of in her mobster BF’s creepy guest room-cum-hospital. For an episode or two I was irritated that her character remained undeveloped. She was funny and quirky without being obnoxious, and very dry without being off putting, plus, she’s ALANIS MORISSETTE. Finally though, they pushed her to the forefront of a plot line, thank god. With Nancy out of Andy’s life, he’s now seeing Dr. Kitson on the regular and last week they finally hooked up (like three dozen times).  Two episodes left, I hope she sticks around.


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