Relative Fun Fact

by Beal

Remember Angela Chase’s kid sister, Danielle from My So-Called Life?


How about Nicky and Alex from Full House?


What do they have in common?  THEY’RE FIRST COUSINS! I mean, I don’t know how I didn’t put two and two together. It was right there in black and white Lisa WILHOIT and Blake/Dylan Tuomy-WILHOIT. Can you even imagine how proud their grandparents must be? They had three grandchildren in prime time, on the same network for an entire year. I bet their mantle was just full of glossy 8×10 and photo “stills” from the “set.” What’s almost more interesting than the fact that these F-list actors are family,  is what they look like now.


She, sort of like a low-rent stripper, who is no stranger to the hollywood “guest star” circuit.


And they, like an inferior set of  Sprouse twins, which is probably the meanest thing I’ve ever said about anyone, ever. And in case you were wondering what they’ve been up to since Full House was axed in 1995, the answer is, NOTHING. They never worked again. Damn you Dylan and Cole! Damn you right to hell!


2 thoughts on “Relative Fun Fact

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  1. just to let everyone know, the boys off of full house are not the same as the sprouse twins. People seem to getting them confused.

  2. No kidding! They don’t even look alike….. Not to mention the twins from full house….. Dylan and BLAKE…… are in their 20’s now….. the boys from Suite Life on Deck, Dylan and Cole Sprouse……. they are in their teens, I think! And again….. THEY DON’T EVEN LOOK ALIKE….. AT ALL !!

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