Acceptance on Lifetime

by Beal

It really grinds my gears to know that this movie, Acceptance, which premiered on Lifetime last Saturday, is sitting in my apartment, taking up two hours of recording time on my DVR, while I’m out of town, praying that enough space still remains to record all necessary (let’s face it, they’re all necessary) programs. (I called and strongly suggested that my mother record this program for me, in the event that I could not wait out my entire vacation to view it. I made it five days.)

Suffice it to say, I’ve seen what Lifetime is capable of when it comes to movies. As an adjective “Lifetime” (whence placed before “movie”) is rarely synonymous with “excellent.” Yes, there are exeptions, Prayers for Bobby comes to mind, along with, well, nothing else. So why did I get my hopes up for Acceptance?


Two words: JOAN CUSACK! Who stars as the mother of teenage daughter–child star Mae Whitman whom you might recognize from such roles as Ann/Egg in Arrested Development or Bernice from Hope Floats–who is trying to get into college. It is made apparent that she is intelligent, but pretty offbeat, which leads her to apply not to the Ivy Leagues her friends are, but to “Yates” college, whose logo is a a squirrel and an acorn and whose campus is reminiscent of the camp inBadgley+Mischka+Store+Opening+a0wkCOzXts2lThe Parent Trap. Now, due to false advertising (I’m sooo writing a letter) I was under the impression that this was going to be about a quirky girl whose overbearing, yet hilarious, mother tries to force her into an unwanted life path, and the two have to come to terms with each other’s eccentricities.

However, that’s only true if “quirky” means “cutter” or “gets a kick out of stealing shitloads of other people’s mail.” Luckily Cusack had a minor drinking problem, which I wish could have been explored more thoroughly. Other highlights include Paul Young from Desperate Housewives as the absent father/husband and Kiersten Warren aka Alex from Saved by the Bell: The College Years as a mom of a douchy Harvard obsessed kid.

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  1. Perhaps you should give it another viewing–maybe you missed an important part while you blinked !!

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