Great Moments #8

Show: Bewitched Great Moment: Samantha meets Darrin. Nose twitching and mother-in-laws will never be the same...


Character Spotlight: Jan Brady

by Beal Show: The Brady Bunch (1969 - 1974) Character: Jan Brady Actor: Eve Plumb Basically: Jan Brady is the quintessential "middle child." Even when she and her sister's blend with the Brady boys, she still managers to find herself stuck right in the middle. She's less attractive and popular than Marcia and not nearly... Continue Reading →

Great Moments #7

Show: Seinfeld Moment: George recounting how he saved a beached whale while posing as a marine biologist, the conclusion coming full-circle with Kramer's new hobby of hitting golf balls into the ocean. It's not so much the reveal that I love as much as George's posturing, as if he's retelling The Old Man & The... Continue Reading →

NTO DVD: Dallas Season 4 (1980-1981)

by Beal This is a cry for help. I have a problem, and I'm willing to admit it, but unwilling to get help. I completed yet another season of Dallas in record time, because every episode was spectacular. This season, which is actually season 3 on television (DVD box sets consider the Miniseries to be... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays: TV Births (Continued)

by Beal 5.  ER - Chloe gives birth to Baby Susie in "Motherhood" (May 11, 1995) A lesser TV authority would never have included this on their list. A main character's sister gives birth and it makes a Top Five list? Who does that? Well, I do, and here's why. First of all, we're talking ER... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays: TV Births

We love babies in this country. Don't believe me? Just ask Utah. Or, better yet, US Weekly. US Weekly is so in tune with our lust for babies and pregnant women and people with babies and women with babies who lost all the baby weight and baby fashion lines and baby FEUDS (it's coming, trust... Continue Reading →

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