Character Spotlight: Bill Haverchuck

by Beal

7hu2U4T6Cr0k8tao8LYLHcKLo1_500Show: Freaks & Geeks

Character: Bill Haverchuck

Actor: Martin Starr

In a nut shell: Bill is one third of the “geek” trio. He’s traditionally geeky looking, tall for his age, extra skinny, hunkered down posture and giant glasses. He’s a mouth breather, allergic to everything, but especially peanuts. He, like his best friends Neil and Sam, loves Saturday Night Live, Steve Martin, all things Monty Python, Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars. Unlike his friends, Bill has a serious affinity for Dallas, which he watches every Friday night, regardless. He, more than the other two, is willing to stand up for what is right, like fair play in gym class or skirmishes with Alan.

So I love Bill a little: Well, actually, it’s partially that I like Bill, and mostly that I hate Neil that I hold such a special place in my heart for ol’ Bill Haverchuck, but really, what’s not to like? He’s so painfully nerdy, that he is rendered harmless. Remember when Cindy (Sam’s crush) was assigned as his biology lab partner? And he went to her house to study, and they were allowed to study in her room, with the door shut. Think about it. Do you think Todd the ballplayer was allowed the same luxury? I doubt it. Furthermore, Bill was able to make fun of Cindy, because she had lame snacks at her house, and knew nothing of pop culture, which was Bill’s forte. Also, how could I NOT love someone whose favorite show is Dallas? Or who dressed up like the Bionic Woman for Halloween? Or who can do the Re-Run?

Favorite Moments: Well, I have to say my favorite Bill incident of the series, has to be the day that Mr. and Mrs. Weir go out of town and leave Sam and Lindsay home alone. Lindsay plans a rad party, but due to a lame assembly at school Sam, Neil and Bill fear for the lives of anyone involved at the party who might get drunk and decide to replace the keg of beer, with a keg of non-alcoholic beer. Because Bill would rather watch Dallas than attend the “party” he volunteers to watch the real keg in Sam’s room, while everyone else drinks the near beer in the living room. Soon, Bill is tempted by the frosty brew and pours himself a mini-helmet full, then another, and another, and another, until Bill ends up being the only drunk person at the entire party. “Get up Bill, that’s how the drummer of Led Zeppelin died.” Here’s another favorite scene, when Sam finally gets a chance with Cindy and she invites him to a make-out party that Neil is dying to attend. Bill, not so much. . .

“What if I throw up in her mouth?”


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