I Should Just Move to England at This Point

by Judi

I have a new obsession and it’s all the BBC’s fault. Ok, maybe it’s Comcast’s fault for offering BBC. But no, Comcast provides me with a myriad of channels (most of them excruciatingly awful and unnecessary) so it’s really just BBC’s fault. As our forefathers said, “I blame England.”

Why I’m obsessed with Graham Norton now-


1) I will admit to suffering from Gay Withdrawal Syndrome so maybe that’s why I clap my hands with delight whenever I see the gaudy set, the glitter and the rows of Barbie dolls.

2) This format kicks ASS. It makes our talk shows seem completely dull by comparison. Instead of having guests on one at a time and pulling stunts in between (which are just filler, basically, as all we care about are the awkward guest interviews), Graham Norton has his two guests on for the whole hour and goes back and forth in questioning them, drinking wine, making them do ridiculous things and then having them join in on mocking the audience and things he’s found in books and the Internet. It’s a whole of hour of people mocking other people AND I MUST HAVE MORE.

3) It’s illuminating to see which celebrities can play along in this format (Brendan Frasier was especially good) and which ones just suffer horribly (Reese Witherspoon looked bored- which, how is that even possible?). Inevitably, one of the American guests will laugh along and mutter, “I didn’t know this was such a silly show.” I also love seeing such bizarre combinations (Thandi Newton and Ricky Gervais, Juliette Binoche and Gordan Ramsey, Cyndi Lauper and Jennifer Saunders, Goldie Hawn and someone I’ve never heard of before).


One thought on “I Should Just Move to England at This Point

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  1. Well, we both know I don’t love the British, BUT I did used to watch this show on Comedy Central. Thanks for the reminder, because it’s HILARIOUS.

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