Emmy Hangover

by Beal

CBS broadcast the 61st Annual Emmy Awards last night.  It was a three hour program with no shortage of uncomfortable acceptance speeches, annoying Kanye jokes and fast-forwarding through the lame reality TV portion (seriously Jeff Probst? “This one’s for the dreamers?” Stop it.) Neil Patrick Harris proved to be a decent host, not my favorite in Emmy history, but harmless, entertaining and as cute as a button (and did you see his boyfriend? ADORABLE). My favorite portion of the telecast (apart from several awards that pleased me which I will get to in a minute) was the old Hollywood, radio broadcast-like introduction. “Knock. Knock. Samantha Who’s there? It’s Christina Applegate. . .



The Awards

First and foremost, let me say this. Drew Barrymore was ROBBED. Grey Gardens the HBO MFTVM won Outstanding Made for Television Movie, Best Supporting Actor in a MFTVM (Ken Howard as Phelan Beale) and Best Actress (Jessica Lange as “Big” Edie Beale) in a MFTVM. Now, Grey Gardens was easily my favorite movie of the year, television and theatrical alike. It was terrific and Drew Barrymore was beyond outstanding. The thing is, if she couldn’t win, I’m so glad that her co-star, Jessica Lange did but I really, honestly feel like this was Drew’s award. Hear me out:

I don’t really watch any of the shows that were nominated in the Dramatic categories but I was rather pleased with the Comedy Awards. 30 Rock won Outstanding Comedy Series, as well it should have, Alec Baldwin won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy series, which was no surprise being that Jack Donaghy is one of the greatest television characters of all time. As for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, I would have liked to see Tina Fey win because I feel like she deserves it (she did win Best Comedy Series and a guest star Emmy for her role as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Life). I also would have loved to see Christina Applegate win just to prove that Samantha Who? was canceled erroneously. And, as we all know, Mary Louise Parker is my favorite current TV actress and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Sarah Silverman. When it comes down to it though, all the above actresses are hilarious and great actors  but, out of all of them, Toni Collette honestly deserved the award. She plays five characters in one show, flawlessly (and not in an awful Eddie Murphy kind of way). So, a tip of the hat to you Toni- you were up against the fiercest competition I’ve ever seen.

And this clip brings me to my final point. When and how did Justin Timberlake infiltrate my television set? Not only did he present a major award but he was also NOMINATED for THREE Emmy’s (two songs, one guest star) one of which HE WON! I mean, the guy is a talent, but seriously, shouldn’t he be relegated to the Grammy’s or something? I’m so confused.

[Updated to include: Judi’s notes in the style of Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)]:

– NPH as host = awesome

– Jimmy Fallon’s prat-fall was “What up? Sweet.” (It actually made me laugh really hard but it honestly might’ve been the cheese products I consumed)

– Julia-Louis Dryfus and Amy Poehler presenting together and congratulating everyone on the “last year of network broadcast television”? Can I get a “That was genius” five? No? I’m just going to hang here ’til I do.

– Introducing presenters using their embarrassing Before-They-Were-Stars credits? Pure magic, like a fireball erupting from your sleeve and impressing every lady in the room.


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