Pilot: Accidentally on Purpose

by Beal

accidentally-on-purpose06Did anyone else watch this last night? No? I was the only one? I thought so. Is CBS kidding? First of all, the show advertised itself as a sitcom about a 37-year-old professional woman who has a one night stand with a young guy and gets pregnant. More accurately, she dates the guy for three weeks, gets pregnant and, upon learning this, invites him to live with her as a roommate, not a lover (because in a zany turn of events, he is now living in a van because he was “only crashing” at his friend’s place until his other roommate was released from prison). What CBS? Was an actual one night stand too risque? I really don’t understand the process here. I feel like you wanted us to not think the character was slutty so you made her sleep with a guy she met at the bar but then continued to sleep with him for three weeks and, at some point, she became pregnant? It’s so much less awkward now. Sure, the two characters don’t have a lifetime together, but one night is funnier than three weeks dammit. Why am I arguing about this? Who cares?

Cancel it now. Don’t make me watch another six episodes and get hooked on the bad, predictable humor and comedic sensibility reminiscent of the pinnacle of the laugh track era. I hope they do a pregnancy montage and get the baby out quickly, because I can only handle so many “cougar,” “boy-toy” and Ashton and Demi jokes before I throw my shoe through the TV screen and write CBS a scathing letter.


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