Pilot: The Forgotten (ABC Tuesdays 10 p.m.)

by Beal

Who’s a sucker for shows about amateur/vigilante detectives? THIS GIRL!

The Forgotten (TV)

The Forgotten, starring Christian Slater, premiered on ABC last night and although it was hardly the most entertaining hour of my life, I’m unwilling to dismiss just yet. How come? Because I don’t know WHY each member of the “Identity Network” volunteers his or her time to discover the identity of dead strangers. Each episode is narrated by a “body” whose identity remains at large, mostly due to poor investigative efforts by the Chicago Police Department, however, if the CPD was better at their job (I’m talking about in this program) then the Identity Network wouldn’t have the opportunity to right one of the world’s wrongs, and thus ease the pain of whatever their secret reason for doing this is. Also, it is important to note, that they’re not trying to find a murderer, only the story of the murdered. And, although they made that very clear at the beginning of the episode, it didn’t stop them from pursuing several suspects, one of which was BRIAN KRAKOW.


Slater, who has somehow become less Jack Nicholson-y in his middle age, is a former cop himself (obviously) whose 8 year old daughter was kidnapped two years ago and never found (obviously). The rest of his team is made up of two non-descript women, one of which hates her “boring day job,” a young artist who has lost his way, and the fat sloppy guy from that Jennifer Aniston movie about rich women and their husbands in West L.A. Alright so this show is totally ridiculous. Fine, I expected nothing less. After all it is a Jerry Bruckheimer production, but I’m hoping its pathetic and trite “I lost someone, therefore no one else can go through what I go through DON’T ASK!” plot will fill the void that Crossing Jordan left in my life two long years ago.


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