Pilot: Cougar Town (ABC Wednesdays 9:30 p.m.)

by Beal

6a00d8341bfc7553ef011571257e72970b-800wiHello favorite new show (so far) of the season! Cougar Town is legitimately laugh out loud funny. I was worried. Let’s face it- at this point calling middle-aged women who sleep with younger men “cougars” is about as funny and original as chimps in business suits. Maybe it garnered a chuckle or two at one point but now it’s low-brow and embarrassing. However, the folks over at Cougar Town are fully aware of this, which makes it okay. I think. The show isn’t so much “Isn’t it funny that older women are sexing themselves up and prowling for young men” as much as it’s “Isn’t it ridiculous that people get such a kick out of so-called cougars?”

In the first scene, a little Monica Gellar was present but by mid-show, Courtney Cox seemed comfortable as Jules Cobb, real estate agent, divorcee, mother of teenage son. Actually, that was kind of weird, seeing Monica in a big, suburban, adult home as opposed to a PURPLE (come on, you’re in your 30’s, ladies) two-bedroom apartment. Much of the humor was very Scrubsian, as well it should be, as they share  creator Bill Lawrence. His wife, Christa Miller, whom you might recognize from Scrubs and/or The Drew Carey Show plays Jules’ BFF/neighbor Ellie. As a fan of Cox and Miller, I am excited for the two to join forces in the name of comedy. Oh, and for good measure, let’s throw in a little Busy Phillips.

Cougar Town - Cox/Phillips

Hilarity ensues as Jules becomes closer to her younger co-worker Laurie (Phillips) in the wake of her divorce from “pro” golfer Bobby who now mows the lawn (shirtless, hilariously air drumming to “Slow Ride”) at his son’s school. Laurie forces Jules out of her routine (drinking wine and playing Scrabble with Ellie) and into the clubs. One of the funniest lines of the episode was a total throw away before Laurie and Jules entered the club. To the bouncer she said, “Wow. You are reeeeally black. It’s so handsome on you.” Soon she finds herself awkwardly hitting on a young guy, who shows up at her door a few hours later, courtesy of Laurie. “You left this at the bar, bitch!” I look forward to the rest of the season. Let’s hope the pilot wasn’t a fluke.


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  1. Yeesh. I believe you that the show is funny but that clip was kind of gross and creepy in a “Mom and teen son having a date at the Olive Garden omg what IS this commercial” sort of way.

    Also, note to Christa Miller- you need to stop injecting your lips with things. I figured it was a character-thing for “Scrubs” but now I see that you might have a problem.

    And lastly, loving that Ellie’s husband is the real life EE-ON Miller from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (aka Nia Vardalos’ husband).

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