Pilot: Hank (ABC Wednesdays 8 p.m.)

by Beal

100109447_ff6cb7f8-6bcd-4de9-af72-5aa751331a3c-hank-grammerIn case you were ever curious what Frasier would look like in a suburban family setting — well, here ya go! I feel sort of bad for Kelsey Grammer. Sorry, man, but you’re Frasier Crane and until you stop acting like Frasier Crane, I can’t take you seriously in anything else.

Hank Pryor (Grammer) was a wealthy Wall Street executive whose well-staffed family lived in an unidentified super rich neighborhood in Manhattan. When he is (unanimously) fired from his company, the Pryors must move to their hometown in rural Virginia and start a new life. This is one of those sitcoms that wrote itself. Seriously, I think they employed the use of the Sitcom Scenario Dice. Hmm. Alright, we’ve got Kelsey Grammer on board. Whaaat should the conflict be? Roll the dice. . . Wealthy family returns to hometown! How will hilarity ensue? They’re accustomed to be rich, but now they’re poor! Family is made up of? Slutty daughter! Weird kid brother! Nondescript wife with stupid name! And what about a kooky supporting character? One last roll . . .Hillbilly brother-in-law!

Give me a break. This show is about as interesting as a granola bar. It’s predictable but harmless and provides a few laughs, but still lacks substance.

Note: Most of the scenes in this preview weren’t even included in the Pilot. Also, the ones that were starred different actors as the children. Apparently they re-shot the pilot with “less” annoying kids.


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