**The More You Know**

by Beal

I am aware that it’s pretty Americentric, but I generally assume that all of America’s prime-time gems are broadcast in all the other industrialized countries. And then I remember that somehow Baywatch is the only show that applies to. Sure some of our programs make their way into the living rooms of foreigners all over the world, but apparently not the ones I would have imagined (Baywatch should have been a tip-off I guess). With that in mind, how often do you hear the old adage, “If you only see ONE [movie, TV show, book] this year, make sure it’s [insert whatever piece of swill is being touted as the only form of entertainment you NEED here]. Alright, now pretend that you’re Russian, and that the entertainment form in question is “American Sitcom.” What program would you like to introduce you to the genre of American Situation Comedy? Seinfeld? I Love Lucy? The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Well, it’s definitely not what I expected either.

Grace Under Fire

In FACT, the first American sitcom to air in Russia was Grace Under Fire, which featured single Mom in a sort of Married with Children rip-off starring Brett Butler as a funny, crass mother of three. It also gave us our  first introduction to the twin acting trainwreck that is Dylan and Cole Sprouse. Russia was also fascinated enough by the premise that they REMADE the show.


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