Character Spotlight: House

house460 Show: House (FOX, Mondays)

Character: Dr. Gregory House

On His Chart (I’m HILARIOUS):  You can’t just say the name “House.” You have to bellow it or say it under your breath, followed by a few choice curse words.

He’s not all that likable, our Dr. House. Sure, he’s the very best at what he does (a diagnostician who specializes in impossible-to-diagnose cases) and he’ll be the first to remind you. He’s also a drug addict (mostly Vicodin for his bum leg but last season he eased into heroin which was awesome until his heart stopped and he was forced into rehab), has the aforementioned bum leg as a result of an “infarction in his quad muscles” forcing him to use a cane, serious daddy issues, commitment issues, people issues. House has Issues, period, and he does not suffer them in silence. He’s a Grade-A Bastard, an obsessive narcissist who despises authority and has little regard for the thoughts or feelings of the people around him.

Why We Can’t Help (Loving? No. Liking? Eh. Rooting for? Not really) Watching House:  There’s the vicarious thrill of watching someone with NO internal censor. I mean, who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to tell someone who’s being a whiny drama queen exactly what they’re thinking. Or play vicious practical jokes on his boss and coworkers. And neighbors. And patients. And strangers. And annoying children.

There’s his occasional vulnerability, especially when it comes to the increasingly debilitating nature of his addiction or his useless leg. Or when he gets THISCLOSE to an emotional connection with someone (his best friend Wilson, the Watson to his wasted Sherlock Holmes, his boss/sometimes lover Cuddy, his former love played by Sela Ward who I wish was in everything, honestly) and then blows it because he’s, well, House. For a split second, there’s real regret there that he’s not different, not like everyone else. And then he’ll call someone a moron.

And his passion for solving the mystery, for finding the truth. While it can be cold, heartless and other things that evoke a mental image of Cruella DeVille kicking puppies, like, say, insisting to a loved one that he be allowed to do an “unnecessary” autopsy on the recently deceased, purely to satisfy his curiosity and/or prove his point. Most of the time, it leads him to saving a life, often right at the very last second.

A Very House Moment:


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